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Why Manifestation Fails And How To Fix It


Making Manifestation Work

Those who are familiar with my work probably know that I’m not a huge fan of the Law Of Attraction as it’s commonly understood. What I am about to say is heavily based on my own experience and what has actually changed the game for me.

Let’s start by saying that I’m a very Earthy person. Even though I’m deeply into the spiritual, to the point where I’m a Tarot reader for a living and I’ve devoted my life to it, I like to keep my feet on the ground and I have trouble with blind belief. It was for this reason that the common understanding of the LOA made me cringe a little bit, although, as I gave it a deeper look, I understood it in a way that seemed much more practical and realistic to me, and it catapulted my results.

Here’s the thing: It is damn difficult to feel that you have what you’re craving. It is really complicated to have unbreakable faith that things will get better in a moment of need. You’re not in the right place to manifest a buck when you don’t know how you’re going to make it until Friday and, let’s be honest, unless the love of your life is the delivery guy from Amazon, it is really unlikely that they will come ring at your door just because.

How, then, can this whole manifestation / attraction thing be done? To me, belief and affirmations were never enough and often made me feel like a failure. Wasn’t I saying it right or what? Perhaps I was putting a lot of negativity out there? Oh! I had a negative thought! That must be it!

Nothing of that really matters. The only difference between making it and not making it is a simple as this: You won’t accept anything else.

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Let’s make it clearer with some examples. Imagine that you want to manifest an amazing relationship but you never leave the house or you are spending countless hours checking your notifications waiting for that person to text you. You’re probably going to get more of the same.

In order to manifest a mind-blowing relationship the first thing you need to do is to not accept what is not a mind-blowing relationship. Put all your intent in your goal, and act like it! Acting like it has less to do with making room in your wardrobe for your next partner and more to do with saying next to the partner that doesn’t want to leave things in your wardrobe. When you start changing this attitude, things start to happen like a charm!

Same happens with anything else that you imagine. Money, the job of your dreams, a new car. A positive mindset will definitely help you, but it won’t do what you don’t do for yourself. Saying “I’m used to be broke” is not helping, but it is not what prevents you from manifesting money. Accepting being broke as a reality is what holds you back. Instead, you can change to “How can I make money happen?”

One day I decided, “I’m not going to live another year with my account’s balance getting red once a month” and things changed when I just would not let it happen. I would rather borrow some money and then return it back than letting my balance go negative. You might thing that it is the same thing, but when you start seeing that you can actually have a positive balance at the end of the month, your wiring starts to change, and eventually you don’t need to borrow money anymore. You’re more open to opportunities of success, you are entirely focused on being aware of the chances to make money, as your mindset changes, your environment and your situation does too!

Sibyl’s Verdict

If you really want to get that manifestation going in your life and thrive on it, analyze the behaviours that are preventing it from happening and don’t take anything

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  1. Thank you so much. But it’s just so so hard to feel positive when everything and everyone around you is negative and life itself! How to stay focused positively?

  2. Hi Darshna Petralia! Thanks a lot for your comment! The key is not to live in a permanent state of imposted happiness and positivity, you’re doing nothing wrong if you acknowledge the negatives for they do exist! However, the secret is to appreciate in an active way the things that are indeed right in your life. So if you have had a terrible day at work, don’t make the rest of the day terrible, change your mindset from “Today sucked!” to something more along the lines of “Okay, it could’ve been better at work, but my coworker was really nice and brought me coffee and now my cat is waiting for me at home.” Even better “Today sucked because my boss was really mean to me, but if this happens again tomorrow I can react like this instead of like that and it will have a different effect on me”.

    It all about bringing the situation back to a place that gives power to you, so your mindset sees the opportunities around you!