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Why Some People Are Lucky In Love?


Why Some People Are Lucky In Love?

We see couples who just seem to click in every way. There is very little drama between them, lots of respect, laughter and the communication between the two of them is a priority. They may not agree on everything and sometimes have those knock down, drag out fights but they instinctively know that’s all it was, a disagreement. Not a judgement, not a reason to begin the end process of the relationship or an opportunity to take their unhappiness with what is going on in their own personal life out on their partner.

Love can be pretty confusing, but how come some people seem to be so lucky in love, while others aren’t? Here’s the secret to having better luck in love! Why do people fall in love? They fall in love because they are ready and willing to accept it. First of all, real love develops over time. It can come into your life unexpectedly or slowly simmer through the years before you realize you are in love with each other. It’s easy to accept love from the ones who are willing to give it. If you believe that you are a prize to be loved, then so do others.
The professionals have some pretty good tips on why certain people are just lucky in love but it will always start with how much in love you are with yourself and who YOU see yourself as. Here are a few tips on how to be luckier in love.

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  1. Smile a lot! No kidding! An inviting smile makes you VERY attractive to the opposite sex. I am not saying you always have to go around with a shit eating grin but if you carry a gratitude smile most of the time, you will catch someone’s eye because they believe you are happy with who you are and want to share some of that with you.
  2. Stay open to the possibility of love. Once you go into the mind set “all the good ones are taken”, you self-sabotage finding your own. The Universe takes you literally with everything you believe and will do it’s darndest to give you the reality it thinks you want because it is what you believe!
  3. Don’t make the search for true love a full-time job. Don’t get obsessive and invest all your time in finding the person you want to spend your life with. Yes, the females definitively outnumber the males in global population, but it’s not like everyone’s already paired up. The person for you is still out there. Why not enjoy yourself while waiting for them?
  4. Try as hard as you can to not get fixated on a person that is not interested in you. You are wasting precious time and space for the one who will be. If you fail to notice the people who might matter, why bother looking for love at all?
  5. Try to always look your best. Yep! I said it! Please don’t go to the grocery store in your jammies and scuffy slippers. Try to always wear lipstick when you are out and about and with your hair at least combed and hopefully clean. You don’t have to change your appearance, but should make the most of what you have to work with. You never know who you’ll run into or meet in random places, so it’s best to be on your game whenever you go out.
  6. Don’t be a fixer! When I married my husband, his sister told me that he sometimes went into dark spells of depression. My “Ms. Fixer” reply was; “Well there will none of that anymore!” After all I was an emotional addiction counselor and therapist, I could certainly help him. (which by the way, he never exhibited any of that behavior until his own personal ambitions hit bottom.) Well guess what? That is exactly why we divorced but only after there was almost nothing left of me to give to help fix him. Get the point! You can’t FIX anyone, they can only want to make the changes on their own. If he doesn’t fit well and there are some big red flags, it won’t get better, regardless of what you do to help.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Where ever you have to find your confidence or how you get it, confidence is the most attractive trait in a person. No matter what style you carry, you will always look amazing if you know you are attractive inside and out. Appreciate yourself, then someone else will definitely do the same. Go where love goes. That means outside of your house. Unless you’re adamantly convinced that the love of your life is on an on-line dating service or Tinder, go out and enjoy the sun, see a movie, have a drink with a friend or just take your dog for a walk in the park. Isolation is not fun nor attractive and definitely brings no luck in love. The reality is that you just never know what special person you might run into.

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