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Why You Fall Out Of Love With Someone


Why You Fall Out Of Love With Someone

Most readings from a psychic advisor is about love…wanting it, losing it or having it and now not sure that person is the right one for them. You can hear it in their voice as they speak of their relationship with a “meah” energy and guaranteed they have also asked themselves “where did the love go?”

The interesting thing about love is there are never any set ground rules to why you fall in love with a certain person and the same applies for when you stop loving that person. No relationship handbook to tell you “oh I see this is the first step of me falling out of love with you.” The guidelines don’t apply to misbehavior, disrespect, cheating, lying or any of the obvious reasons one would think you would fall out of love with someone.

Warped love

I have read for countless clients that have done or had done to them, all of the above and they are still madly in love. Of course, the obvious reasons for that is their definition of love is a little warped and they are so used to that kind of love, they are unable to see it.

But what about a normal great relationship that seems like it is really going somewhere and you just know this could be the one or someone you have been with forever with the relationship sailing along for years and then you realize you no longer love the person you have spent so much time with?

There are plenty of general explanations for it such as shelf life and it is just done, you have outgrown each other, they turned out not to be what you thought they were…well, the list is long. The emotional angst that you go through before you realize the reason you are feeling the way you do about your partner is just that, you no longer love them and the amount of time for that realization to set in varies with every relationship. Everyone suffers up to that final comprehension before action is taken.

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According to the relationship experts, these are the signs you should be looking for if your relationship has departed from being a loving one.

  1. You have stopped communicating. Conflicts go unresolved and needs are no longer met or expressed.
  2. You find you or your partner have now developed a wandering eye.
  3. A piece of information unknown before brings on a sense of betrayal, such as an unmentioned baby mama, still married and only separated or an STD reveal.
  4. Jealousy from your partner has now become overwhelming and you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells.
  5. Once out of the “limerence” rose colored glasses is over, they assume the position of “just being themselves” which you have determined to be very unattractive.
  6. The relationship moved too fast in the beginning or was a product of an affair and had no strong foundations to begin with.
  7. You find yourself or your partner speaking more in negative terms about your relationship than the fond memories you used to have.
  8. Boredom, big red flag here! Your partner and the relationship lost its spark and has now become work.
  9. Sex has become passionless and perfunctory.
  10. You no longer talk about future plans together.
  11. Being around a couple who is truly in love makes you uncomfortable and jealous.
  12. You just don’t enjoy each other’s company anymore. You would rather be with family or friends.
  13. Major life change such as birth, now you are the mother and no longer the lover.
  14. Both of your priorities have changed or just yours. You find that you have grown apart and have nothing in common anymore.
  15. It wasn’t love in the first place. Once the lust and honeymoon period is over, you find there is nothing there.

Susan Z’s Verdict

Everyone likes to think that love is going to be forever. All you need to do is look at the divorce statistics, be a counselor or psychic advisor and know that is a fairytale that often turns into nightmare. The kindest thing you can do for yourself and your partner is when you recognize you no longer love the person you are with, release them and allow yourself the gift of recognizing your relationship is no longer and move on.

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  1. Hi my husband and I been married for 27yrs. I’ve left him 2 x over emotional abuse, I never knew what is was till know we tryed marriage counseling even,I’ve recently been talking to guy on internet who has made me feel alive,my husband wants to make it work but my feelings for him are gone,so I stay or do I just pack and never look back