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Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Future


Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Future

We all do it, our mind projects possible future outcomes that we have no control over and we begin to feel the sense of fearful helplessness. You cannot control the future by projecting thoughts and ideas of what could possibly happen or not happen. This is what everyone speaks of as ‘being in the moment’. What has already happened cannot be changed and the only control you have over the future is how much worry and fear you are going to put into it, or not. You can buy into the worst case scenario or have the faith and trust that regardless of what lies ahead, you will have the strength and help you need to manage it.

We call our friends, family and psychic advisors wanting to know the outcome of a certain situation. Those that are gifted, can pick up possibilities of what may come about. But even then, if you are told everything is going to work out ok, you somehow can’t let go of the fear of ‘what if’? You can ask the same question ten different ways and get ten different answers and it still does not take the worry and fear away. Why do you suppose that is? And why would you torture yourself that way? Your projection of an unknown future outcome is just that, unknown until it begins to unfold.

When you move into unnecessary worry and paralyzing fear, which in reality, does not change the future outcome one iota. Below are some helpful suggestions to stop projecting the worst, worrying and being fearful.

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They work if you consciously make yourself aware that you are now thinking and speaking possible negative outcomes and stopping yourself by a simple act of saying, “I am not going there, everything will somehow work out!”

  1. Always remember that your worst fears rarely come true. The truth is most of us worry ourselves with things that are most likely never going to happen. The reality is what it is, but the fiction you create in your mind will scare you much more than what you are actually dealing with in the moment.
  2. Ask yourself what if your worst fear happens? Yes, there are some scenarios that would adversely affect our lives, but the potential worst is only figuring out the solution to the problem rather than a life-shattering experience.
  3. Do something physical to keep your mind off projecting your worst-case scenarios which may or may not happen. It is sometimes the antidote to worrying by engaging your mind in something challenging or some physical activity and you will feel a lot better when you “do” things. Take a walk, run, read a book or go punch a bag at the gym.
  4. When you find your mind drifting into the scary future, focus on the moment, the hour, the day. Most of our fears stem from our lack of knowledge of how things may turn out. Combined with not being able to control what others may choose to do, it will create anxiety.
  5. Think about the last time you were scared how something was going to turn out. Chances are, it never even came close to the terrible outcome you were expecting. Try and stay focused on what a positive outcome would look like and toss anything else into the garbage.
  6. Have a conversation with one of the most positive people you know. Don’t go sharing misery with someone that makes you feel worse. Let someone lift your spirits up, not add more fear to it. Silent Unity prayer line is a spiritual support line for when you just need someone to keep you in the light. Once you gain courage and hope, you’ll find that you can clearly see the things you need to get through your fears.
  7. Take moments in the day and ask the universe or whomever you pray to, to give you the courage to see a positive outcome to your situation. Everytime you go to that place of projecting a worst-case scenario, hand it over to the light. Sometimes just sitting there and taking deep breaths with your eyes closed, does amazing things for calming your fears.
  8. Always remember somewhere within you is everything you need to get through any situation. We’ve all felt defeated at times. Having courage means that you do what you can, with what you have, regardless of how you are feeling at the moment and just keep on moving forward.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

It took me years to finally realize the unnecessary torture I was putting myself through worrying about the worst-case scenario that 99% of the time never happened and the 1% left, always seemed to get worked out. Projecting into the future is the ego’s sharpest skill in making you feel helpless in your life. Being helpless does not exist, there is always seen and unseen help at hand, all you have to do is ask for it.

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