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Halloween Series: Wiccan Spells – Do They Work?

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Wiccan Spells – Do They Work?

Halloween is fast approaching, and with it the fancy dress craze. Women dress up as witches or something risqué, while men try out do each other with something more offensive or gruesome. Of course, real witches don’t actually wear pointed hats or have green skin or carry magic broom sticks. Just no.

Modern witches (or Wicca) don’t give too much thought to the theatrics. They focus on Nature, and channel its energies to support their wishes. Yes, they have a book of shadows, a pot and an athame blade, just like in Charmed. And yes, they cast spells, too. But their magic lacks the ‘expected’ visual effects. So, forget what you think you know from fantasy books and movies. Real magic is completely different.

It is a way of life for the Wicca, a special religion if you like. They worship a God and a Goddess, and ask for their help whenever they cast those spells. Whether we call them wiccan spells or prayers, a pressing question remains: do they work? And maybe more importantly: do witches truly exist?

Powerful Energy

My personal view is that they do. Because what are spells exactly? A wiccan will set aside a sacred place within their home, where they will create an altar. That will be their go to spot when performing rituals and spells. It will have a special meaning to them, their connection to the divine. They keep it clear and pure, and they prepare themselves, too.

What’s fascinating for me is the law of attraction in all this. Wiccans might be using real magic while casting spells, but then again, what is magic? They don’t cast fireballs and lightning on their enemies. Instead, they channel divine energy to help make their wishes come true. Isn’t that the definition of the law of attraction, too?

Basically, a spell is cast, which has special ingredients like candles, incense sticks and herbs. These all enhance the effect. But most importantly, the spell is the witch’s willpower in action. If we think about it, the spoken word is the most powerful energy. How many times do we wish for something, just for it to come true within minutes?

Or we think about someone, saying how long it has been since we saw that person. Who are we going to bump into a few hours later?

All in all, I do believe that spells work. And you don’t even have to be a ‘professional’ witch to practice ‘witchcraft’. All you need to do is focus on your wish with all your heart. Life is beautiful and full of wonder, isn’t it?

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