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Will Blake Lively beat the baby bulge?

Blake Lively

Will Blake Lively beat the baby bulge?

Blake Lively has recently become a mom for the second time. Yes, that is wonderful news in every way possible, but for Blake and millions of moms like her, there is one more battle. Getting your shape back after the baby. Some women appear to look amazingly slim both during and after pregnancy, but not everyone can be that lucky. The main thing to remember is, yes, it is achievable, but do it the healthy way. Now I know there are those who will say “you’re a guy, what would you know?”, but I have also struggled with my weight, so I know it’s not an easy road.

To Blake Lively:
Firstly, before you hop on the crazy 24-hour diet train. Stop and think for a minute. In my case, my weight was down to lifestyle and I had to change it to make a difference. In your case, your body had just carried out one of the most amazing things that this world has to offer us. Your body was out through an amazing task and produced a complete and totally perfect little human being. So, don’t go down the road of body hating. It’s a badge of honour for a while. It took 9 months to go down this road. Be realistic about the time it will take to come back. To the outside world, you still look amazing. We all know, it’s how we feel inside. Here’s wishing you the best on your journey.

Let’s see what the cards say about your path Blake.

The Tower Card:
This is a normal card when a new little person has entered your life. The Tower is about the home and how everything is changing around the home. Sometimes it means structurally, but in this case, obviously, it means a rearranging of people’s positions to allow for this new little member. It’s a happy card in your case and only shows us that you will have to run your new diet around your new workload.

The King of Swords:
This is the card of your struggle to get back to the body shape you were before the baby came. As it is the King of Swords, it puts you in a position of control. In your case, it is like there are no maybes. This is the way it is and that’s it. It’s the proper mindset and the only one to have when starting your journey. I feel in your case it can only be successful. You have a strong mind and you are still under 30. Both of these things are swinging in your favour.

The Justice Card:
This is a card of receiving what you have earned. It shows us that your hard work will pay off. Of course, you apparently are realistic enough to realise these things take time. That’s one of your strengths. Most people start on this journey and get disillusioned because they can’t see a result after a few days. That’s not how it works. Have a look in a month and see how far you have come.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

There is every reason to believe you will succeed and do so in the right fashion. I have seen many people try to get this target overnight only to fail and then lose any hope of ever reaching it. Your body has done an amazing amount of work in a very short space of time, so it’s important it gets what it needs to repair over the right amount of time. The home is going through a new phase welcoming the new little person and things are still settling down. Over the next 12 months, the cards show your children and home being the focus of your life. They also show that your diet will work and you will be successful. Perhaps it would be a good idea to pass on some of your tips to other mothers out there who are struggling. Good luck on your journey and congratulations on the baby.


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