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Will Trump Ever Change?

Will Trump Ever Change?

Will Trump Ever Change?

Donald Trump has demonstrated many times during the past weeks, that he is a man of his word. Albeit controversial, but never changing, none-the-less. He sticks to his views and isn’t afraid to showcase them. No matter that he is merely days apart from being welcomed at the White House.

He has plans for his first night there, as well as his presidency, but some questions remain. Will he be able to unite the American citizens, if he keeps fighting them himself? The past weeks saw him get into ugly battles with Meryl Streep, Hilary Clinton, and Lewis. When will this end? Although one has to defend their position, especially as the President of the United States, shouldn’t he make peace?

Trump’s way of handling things makes many raise an eyebrow, and his popularity has dropped radically since his election. Some don’t think he has it in him to lead the nation, while others would vote for him again. His relationship with Russia and his ’own’ people will certainly overshadow his time as President. Unless he manages to adapt.

True, he doesn’t necessarily need to be liked. He is there to lead, but many believe that one cannot be done without the other. Especially because only 44 percent of Americans approved of his transition method, as opposed to Obama’s 83 percent.

The real battle is only about to begin on Friday. Trump will have to prove to everyone that they made the right choice. Axelrod, one of Obama’s political advisors clearly doesn’t think so: “It might not be within his emotional range to be a unifying figure” he said.

Let’s consult the cards to find out what Trump is going to be like as the new President.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

The Devil:
This card represents fear and other harmful impulses. If out of control, these can cause real harm. You need to break free of these destructive patterns and change your behaviour. You are bound by your way of thinking and you aren’t open to change. Let go of your anger and you will succeed in the long term. Remember, your ‘new’ dreams can’t be achieved by your ‘old’ self.

The Hierophant (Reversed):
You want to break free of tradition. You feel like you are being restrained and you aren’t having it. You want to be in control and you would do anything in your power to achieve that. You want change and you want to be that change. You need to stop and assess whether you are doing the right thing, and for the right reasons.

The Star:
You have been through a lot, and suffered immensely. The time will come soon when you can hope for a better future. Although, for that, you need to be open to new ideas. This card also represents change, but not only outside. Inner transformation is also required. It will take time, but nothing is impossible!


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  1. I think you need to send these 3 Tarot Cards to Mr. Trump, and there meanings. He’s always on Twitter. Maybe you could reach him that way? I think he has the potential of being a great president, but he must stay grounded and calm.!

  2. That’s an interesting card reading. You can see there is a lot of anger. He immediately retaliates by always hitting back with suck childish and immature comments. If he feels compelled to respond at least respond like an adult and move on. You have to be thick skinned which he isnt. It’s time for him to start behaving and acting like a mature adult. I don’t agree with him changing his behavior . Your right we need a strong credible leader not a child in the White House. I don’t think he will make that transition into an adult. He doesn’t have it in him. He is too spoiled. He is going to have a long 4 years if he can make it that far. Who’s the real liar? he-himself has been caught in many lies It will take a great deal of discipline for him to change that aspect of his inner self. He doesn’t have it in him. Should be an interesting couple of years

  3. I was not a fan of Trump..But, he has already started to fulfill his plans on unemployment, new jobs. Such as, General Motors, with the taxes, this company is pulling their operations out of Mexico and back in the US. over 1500 jobs . As in Ford I believe. Our President needs to think before he speaks. Being a Businessman, a total different atmosphere he was, as to being a gentleman and Politician. His mannerisms need a bit brushing on..President Trump…listen to your people. These Democrats, as I am…Boycotting and women picketing, what a disgrace…we need to band together as a Nation and get this country safe, and moving again. I feel trump is your man, give him a chance.

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