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Winona Ryder in Stranger Things- What will it bring?


Winona Ryder in Stranger Things – What will it bring?

The Netflix series Stranger Things has captivated people across the globe. It has all the right ingredients to keep you enthralled and wanting more. It brought us back to the 80s, where although for most of us it wasn’t that far back. There were a lot of things missing, like cell phones and the internet. Yet it is the world we are familiar with. I did feel I had figured out the dimension thing because of the phone. Will didn’t hang up the phone in the house very early on, but it was on the cradle when his mom came home. I thought that would ruin it, but no, I was still drawn in.

It’s great to see Winona Ryder return to a big role like this. At 44 she started her career very early on and never disappointed in any of her roles. She certainly didn’t disappoint here either. She played the part of the anxious mother to perfection and the storyline was gripping. For those of us in the spiritual field, this was no surprise. The concept of many dimensions is as normal as knowing after Friday comes Saturday. With this in mind, I felt I had that part of the plot out of the way very early on in the show.

What is coming in the next episode? Well, we all saw Eleven, the very talented “Millie Bobby Brown.” She vanished with the demon into the other dimension of the upside-down. I can’t help feeling she’ll be making a comeback, but that’s just me and a sprinkle of wishful thinking. It could be that the monster is an expression of Elevens anger? Is she the long lost daughter of Chief Hopper? The series left us with as many questions as it did answers. Just the way I like it.

Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict.

What do the Cards say about the series? Well, the Two of Coins shows that there is still some power that needs dealing with. In the closing scenes of the last series we saw Eleven get revenge on those who harmed her, but I feel they are not all gone to ground. The knight of Cups is the knight in shining armour. Who will rescue Eleven from the upside down? Or will she be rescued? The Four of Wands is the balance of energy. Now this could mean a multitude in a spiritual world where flashing lights are a good means of communication. It’s all at the hands of a writer, and we must wait in anticipation to see what unfolds. Well done all involved.


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