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Woman rescued after 5 days in Grand Canyon

Woman rescued after 5 days in Grand Canyon

Woman rescued after 5 days in Grand Canyon

Amber Van Hecke is a 24-year old student, but she could be anyone of us, really. Who wouldn’t want to explore the world, traveling around? She set out to discover the rare beauty of the Grand Canyon. Of course, she couldn’t have known that she would be stranded there for days. Without water, food, or proper cover.

Today, we trust our GPS and phones, not even thinking about what happens when they fail. Well, in Amber’s case, modern devices led her to a road in the middle of nowhere. With no one in sight and running out of gas, she didn’t have much choice. She tried calling for help on her cell, but there was no reception.

So, what started as a joyful sightseeing, ended up being her worst nightmare. She arranged some rocks, forming a huge S.O.S. and HELP sign, but she was out of luck. A car drove past, but it didn’t stop, the driver probably not being able to see her.

She was stranded, with no hope whatsoever of getting out of there – alive. After a few days of being out there alone, she even started to take pictures and videos for her family. Luckily, she didn’t lose all her hope and decided to walk a few miles, looking for cell reception. She even left signs on her car leading potential rescuers in the right direction.

These attempts might seem useless or desperate to an outsider. In a situation like this, one has to do whatever one can to survive. That’s exactly what Amber did. Alas, the combination of these efforts worked. She managed to place a brief call to 911 and a helicopter found her. She is in hospital now, but apart from dehydration and a sunburn, no major harm was done. Of course, it could have been worse and the trauma won’t be easy to overcome.

Let’s wish her a speedy recovery and let’s consult the cards. There must be a reason behind her miraculous rescue.

Psychic Timea’s Verdict:

Three of Pentacles:
This card reminds us, that no matter the obstacles, we should follow our dreams. In this case, when the original shock wears off, Amber might try again. Let’s hope this time technology won’t fail her.

Ace of Pentacles: This experience brought with it a sense of prosperity. Not necessarily moneywise, although she is trying to raise funds for her holiday expenses. It also means a spiritual enhancement. Amber had a lot to learn about the Universe and this event gave her an opportunity to look deep within.

Another message for her (and for all of us) is temperance. She survived by saving up small portions of whatever she had. She tempered her desire to eat and drink everything at once. Thus, her food supplies lasted as long as they needed to. So, live like there is no tomorrow, but still make sure if tomorrow comes, you are prepared.


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