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Wonder Woman debuts as US President.

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter debuts as US President.

Wonder Woman debuts as US President.

‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter is set to play President Olivia Marsdin on the Supergirl Series. In case you didn’t know, Supergirl is the biological cousin of Superman and one of the surviving Kryptonians. She has extraordinary powers under the Earth’s yellow sun. Lynda Carter appears in the ‘Welcome to Earth’ episode in which Supergirl and the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) are assigned to protect the President Marsdin after she is targeted in National City.
Age defying 65-year-old Lynda played Wonder Woman from 1975 to 1979, additionally, she has a cabaret act that she tours the country with. Lynda revealed that having the role of ‘inspirational role model’ bestowed upon her has drawn many fans globally. She believes that her iconic alter-ego represents the inner strength that exists in all women. She wasn’t confident that the show was going to happen back in 1975. She revealed that the TV executives didn’t believe that there was a market for an iconic superheroine.
The United Nations has declared October 21 as Wonder Woman Day in order to celebrate the birth of Amazonian Wonder Woman in DC Comics 75 years ago.

Véronique’s Verdict

Linda drew the Ace of Wands, the Six of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands.
The Ace of Wands shows a renaissance in Lynda’s career. A new undertaking. This is a time of channeling her enthusiasm in the best way in the new projects being presented to her.

The Six of Pentacles represents financial abundance. Lynda has gained financially through her role as Wonder Woman and will continue to do so. There is much fulfillment right now through her current projects.

The Queen of Wands is very much Lynda’s alter-ego. Although there is a feeling of clinging to the past, in this instance it is a positive. There is a generosity and charisma within her and she is admired right now for her excellent business capabilities. I feel that her association with Supergirl will add value to the show and bring in further projects for her.

Good luck to Lynda in her business endeavor’s!

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