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The Top Worst ‘ Dancing with the Stars ’ Ever!

The Top Worst ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Ever!

The Top Worst ‘ Dancing with the Stars ’ Ever!

You know you’ve watched it, at least once, maybe twice or more! The professional dancers flow through the routines and sometimes with partners that can actually keep up with them. But…..it’s not the good dancers that keep you glued to the television set, it is the really, really bad ones. Lol! This entertainment form so blatantly points out that just because you are at the top of your game or had been, doesn’t mean that you don’t have two left feet. Even the celebrity contestants you would think could pull off those rhumbas, hip hop and rock and roll routines, you remain mesmerized by just how truly bad they are!!!!

So, taking it from the top 10 here is a lineup of the worst contestants ever on the show. Not on the list below but wanting to give an honorable mention to are Chaka Khan, Kate Gosselin, Kim Kardashian and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. Apparently, Kim is good at making money but can’t dance worth a lick!


  • 10. Jeffrey Ross
    The comedian should have definitely stayed with his roasts as his cha-cha in Season 7 was excruciating to watch and they only got four points and were quickly eliminated.

  • Jeffrey Ross & Edyta Sliwinska – Cha-Cha-Cha by Codebear2

  • 9. David Hasselhoff
    The “Baywatch” actor joined the cast in Season 11 and was partnered with Kym Johnson. Their first dance was the cha-cha to “Sex Bomb,” and they pretty much bombed with a low score of five and were first to be eliminated. Just shows you muscles can’t always dance!

  • 8. Michael Bolton
    The singer went on the show in Season 11 and was partnered with Chelsie Hightower. He actually made it through the first week of eliminations but then was told by one judge that his jive dance was the worst she had seen in 11 seasons.
  • 7. Tom DeLay
    The Former U.S. House majority leader joined the cast in Season 9 of the show and danced with Cheryl Burke. He made it to week three of the show before withdrawing due to fractures in his feet. He was given the low score of four twice on the show, one of them for his last performance. Ok, he did have fractures in his feet!
  • 6. Cloris Leachman
    The Oscar winner appeared in Season 7 and danced with Corky Ballas. She managed to make it six weeks on the show before getting eliminated. That had a lot to do with fan support and the effort she put into her dances.
    It was hip-hop that was definitely her undoing.
  • 5. Jerry Springer
    The former television host put on his dancing shoes for Season 3 with Kym Johnson. He actually made it to week seven of the show, which probably says more about the effort he put into the dances and viewer support than his dancing ability. He was the stiffest dancer out there but he made it look fun so the people loved his performances.

  • Jerry Springer & Kym Johnson – Waltz by Codebear2

  • 4. Geraldo Rivera
    The Fox News correspondent was on the show in Season 22 and partnered with Edyta Sliwinska. He only made it two weeks before getting bumped off. His last performance was the salsa to “Ran Kan Kan” which was really painful to watch with his stiff moves. No dancing shows in his secret safe. Lol!
  • 3. Buzz Aldrin
    The former NASA astronaut stepped out on the dance floor in Season 10 with Ashly DelGrosso-Costa. They made it to the third week with fans cheering him on. It was the waltz that finally got him eliminate as he obviously struggled with the steps and was definitely not as graceful on the dance floor as floating around in space.
  • 2. Chris Kattan
    The comedian joined the cast in Season 24 and partnered with Witney Carson. He only made it to the second week where he performed jazz to “Hey Ya!” Chris Kattan did come in with a disadvantage because of an injured neck that affected his performance, so we will give him that concession.
  • 1. Master P
    Well now we up to the WORST dancer ever on the show. The rapper joined the show in Season 2 and was partnered with Ashly DelGrosso-Costa. He made it four weeks but he is still remembered as one of the worst stars to dance on the show, often receiving only four points from each judge. His last performance was the Paso Doble and he got a score of two. “I know people were going to make fun of me and laugh,” he said, according to NY Daily News, “but I say it’s worth it because I wanted to make sure that we brought that light and hopefully bring some of the people back together. And it worked.”

  • Master P & Ashly DelGrosso – Paso Doble by Codebear2

    Susan Z’s Conclusion:

    The show is fun to watch and you have to admire the star contestants that get out there and just know they are going to be terrible but do it anyway!

    Knight of Cups: Inverted (Upside Down)
    Romantic dreamer. Pulled inverted, I believe it shows that each star hopes their dancing teacher will make them better but either you got rhythm in your feet or you don’t.

    Knight of Wands:
    Freedom from a confining situation and sometimes impatience. I feel the stars coming on the dancing show are stepping out of their comfort zone and they like it. Maybe the impatience comes from no matter how much they practice, they are still really BAD!

    Princess of Cups: Inverted
    This is young creative energy and also represents the inner child. I feel that every star who appears on the show just might have an unfulfilled Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers in their heart. Lol!

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