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Where did it go wrong for Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds?

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Where did it go wrong for Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds?

It’s understandable if you have forgotten as it was all very short and quickly forgotten by the media. But Scarlett Johansson was once married to Ryan Reynolds. It has long been said that teachers marry teachers and cops marry cops. But seemingly actors marrying actors can be a recipe for disaster. I have no doubt that in a different time and place the outcome would be totally different. As Scarlett explained. It can be a battle of egos when work comes in the door for one and not the other.

The acting world is a rocky one, you can have many successes. But it will only take one flop to pull the rug from under your feet. This is why so many actors live on their nerves. As it is one a journey from one job to the next. With that in mind, when you have two people in the same house in this kind of industry. And one is getting calls and one is not. It will take its toll. On the other hand, the whole relationship to marriage thing was very quick. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a firm believer in long engagements. This allows two people the time to adjust to each other’s life events. Also their method of doing things. And get used to the good and the bad, before you line yourself up to commit totally to each other.

There is an old saying that you need to summer and winter a loss and a meeting. In the case of a loss. You must pass through the first birthday, holiday, winters before you can start to heal. When you meet someone. you must share all of these things, and adjust yourself to allow space for your partner in your life. This doesn’t happen overnight. It is a slow process.


Master Psychic Vincent’s Verdict

This is something that we come up against on the Tarot line quite a lot. So let’s have a look what the cards have to say about this relationship? Permit me please to address Scarlett Johansson direct on this.

The Page of Swords points to the obvious. Just as you said Scarlett. The conflict of interests within the business side of your lives. Was always going to be a weight on this relationship. But it didn’t have to be so.

The Devil Card is the card of routine. As Actors, it is in your blood to compete against other actors. It’s very hard to just switch this off. But in time it would have been possible.

The Three of Cups shows that there was a need to slowly adjust to the new reality. Realising there was no need for competition with this person. Had things moved slower there could have been a totally different outcome. Those feelings were genuine in the beginning. The relationship was started for the right reason. They say the path of true love never runs smooth. But perhaps it should have run a little slower. Like every relationship. It takes a length time to adjust to someone. Lessons learned for both involved will be useful in the future. We wish you every happiness in your future love life.

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