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From WWE to Motherhood and Back – Brie Bella is Pregnant

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From WWE to Motherhood and Back – Brie Bella is Pregnant

We could recently spot Brie and Nikki, the Bella Twins on an episode of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, where the women were told that one of them would become pregnant shortly. It is now confirmed that Brie Bella and her loving husband, Daniel Bryan are expecting their first child spring next year. They don`t know the sex of the baby just yet, and, unfortunately for us, neither did Tyler Henry reveal this in his prediction.

Although it was only two years ago that wedding bells rang in this “bella” couple`s life, they have been very excited to start a family ever since, and weren`t afraid to say so, either. This truly is a dream come true for both of them, and they couldn`t be happier, waiting for the new member of their family with sheer anticipation.

We might even see Brie back in the ring sometime after she gives birth to their first child, because, according to her “it would be awesome to actually be the real momma Bella”.  Brie is a natural born star both in front of the camera and in the world of wrestling, but what being a mother will mean to her exactly?

Let`s consult the cards.


Psychic Timea`s Verdict:

The Fool: This card shows both Brie`s and Daniel`s attitude towards the baby and the rest of the world. They are taking this huge step with a leap of faith and a youthful attitude. It marks the beginning of an interesting and unexpected journey, one filled with joy and happiness. Others are concerned for them, and of course they will have to find a balance between this attitude and their day-to-day chores, which might involve

some challenges.

Queen of Cups: Brie seems to be the ultimate mother figure, indeed. She is compassionate and caring, nurturing her family and friends with all her heart. Maybe she will really fulfil her true destiny when the little one arrives. We can`t wait to see her become a “Momma Bella”, either.


The Sun: A really good omen, as it predicts happiness, comfort and security. The birth of this child will be a real blessing for the whole family, and he (or she) will be very healthy. The Universe is supporting Brie and Daniel along their journey, and just as the Sun can`t function without its counterpart, the Moon, maybe in a similar way there will be more than one child welcomed to the Bella Family in the coming years.


Congratulations to the couple, and we all wish them many more years of happiness, and of course lots of children!


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