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You Can Win at Life if You Believe it

win at life

You Can Win at Life if You Don’t Think it’s Hopeless

I once read a reply on of my articles from a woman; Paraphrasing: “What man would want me, I am old, I have no money and I have two young children to take care of?” A wonderful 7th Sense client wrote an uplifting answer to remind her how blessed she was to have those beautiful children. The poster in question only saw what she didn’t have and the other only saw blessings.

You may not be able to see it in the moment but if you keep the attitude that you are not the only one working on your problems (i.e. God, angels, guides, spirit, prayer and sometimes just sheer determination) you can fight off that feeling of hopelessness that can consume us all.

Here are some thoughts we process when feeling hopeless:

  1. Nothing ever works out for me.
  2. My relationship is NEVER going to get better with my… partner, mother, father, siblings, boss, etc.
  3. I am never going to get the chance to be happy.
  4. Everyone else seems to get what they want but I never do.
  5. Why try? It never works out anyway.
  6. All the good men are taken.
  7. I am now too (old, fat, ugly or boring) for a man to want me anymore.
  8. I feel cursed. Nothing seems to ever go right for me.

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As a result of any of those hopeless thoughts, you isolate yourself, stop trying to look nice and fall into a cesspool of depression and despair. You spiral down into a whirlpool of sadness. If you are absolutely convinced that life is hopeless, then you won’t do anything to help yourself. So regardless of how bad the situation may seem, you must find the key to release the hopelessness and open a door that even though things are shitty now, somehow, someway, things are going to change for the better. You don’t have to know how, just do the work in faith, persistence, staying focused, prayer and trust. The first step is to start believing that you might just be wrong about things being hopeless. Once you accept this idea, many more optimistic and positive possibilities will follow.

So how do you get out of a state of hopelessness? Well, the first thing I am going to tell you is, it’s not a walk in the park. It is so much more comfortable being hopeless than having to work at something you have to look at realistically. But it is not impossible! Here are a few suggestions from the professionals that may help. There is no overnight, “Yeah!” “I am over it!” “Life is beautiful, isn’t it?!” It is one step in front of the other and before you know it, you are starting to look forward to a future anything.

  1. Keep in mind that nothing stays the same forever. Life can change on a dime. Hold onto that thought. At any moment, you could get a big break out of the blue that you did not expect!
  2. Remember times in the past when you thought nothing was ever going to be right again and somehow you came through it and did have good times with the problem resolved. Taken care of in the least expected way. That’s what’s so cool about God and the Universe, you just never know when they are going to interfere.
  3. Try everyday to focus on at least one thing to appreciate in your life. Just as the woman mentioned above, enjoy your beautiful children.
  4. Keep telling yourself repeatedly, that things are not as bad as they seem. It WILL get better, it always does.
  5. I just have to say it! ” What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” And it does! Our souls write challenging situations into our life script for us to learn how strong we really are and can overcome pretty much anything.
  6. Last but the most important one, know that no one thing or one person is necessary for your happiness. Your happiness is something that is inside you and whether you are alone, broke, being challenged with a health issue or dealing with overwhelming odds, nothing or no one will make a difference on how you feel about yourself. Find a reason to be happy you are alive; you are who you are and all the good things you have done and accomplished in your life!

Susan Z’s Verdict

I have experienced probably the worse two years I thought anyone could endure but you know what, I am still here! I know what hopeless feels like and also blessed with the remembrance of the many times before in my life it seemed hopeless and something always came through to make it right. There are no happy switches, just belief, perseverance, good pity parties and then you shake them off and put one foot in front of another and go forward. As one spiritual Facebook picture quotes: “It’s Life, you don’t figure it out, you just climb up on the beast and ride it out!”

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  1. Dear Susan, for the better part of the last 3 years, I believe I have a negative entity attached to me. Almost every night I get touched in the most annoyingly manners. I can also feel a walking inside me when I lay down. It gives me the worst anxiety!! Do you think you can shed some light on this as to how I get rid of it?!! Please Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Christa,

    7th Sense always appreciates your input on our articles. Unfortunately we are unable to answer specific questions here on the stories page but if you would like to contact one of our amazing psychics, they would be happy to help and they may just have the very answers you are looking for or you can also look for an energetic release healer in your area. They may be called something else but it is about releasing negative energy from your life grid.
    Psychic Susan Z