Your November Love Tarotscope

love tarotscope

November Love Tarotscope

November has always been a very special month for me! It’s usually filled with surprises and I really love the beautiful things that it brings me! I wish you a November filled with excitement and good news!

Let’s welcome Sweet November with a Love Tarotscope! Search your sign and get guidance for your love life in the month ahead!

Aries – Nine Of Pentacles

For the single Aries, November is going to bring all sorts of adventures! If you have recently left a relationship, you’re going to start feeling like yourself again and you will find the energy to put yourself out there and enjoy! For those in a relationship, the Nine of Pentacles foretells very pleasurable moments with your partner and meaningful date nights with all the bells and whistles! Expect your partner to coddle you!

Taurus – Ten Of Swords

We Taurus tend to over-think a lot! This month, some arguments may trouble your pacific relationship, and it’s time to stop and gauge your reaction to trouble, for being overly dramatic could end up causing an unnecessary wreck! If you feel wronged by your partner, put it into quarantine before exploding! Complicated relationships are not going to go through their best time and it is possible that there are cuts in communication and dates postponed.

Gemini – Page Of Wands

The single Gemini will feel particularly confident this month! Your sexy is at the top of its game and it’s time to leave your doubts at home and go get that person that has been catching your attention lately! It is a great time to spice things up for those in a relationship. You may want to try something new in your intimate life, it could bring renewed passion! Avoid acting on impulse, though, for it could backlash and create some drama.

Cancer – Ace Of Pentacles

Fortune is smiling to the Cancer! A new romance is looming in the horizon and you’re likely to meet someone that feels like a god-sent. Stay aware of the opportunities that you may come across this month romance wise. For those in a relationship, if you have been considering taking a step forward, it is time to bring it to further discussion. It is a wonderful time to plan ahead and particularly to move in with your partner.

Leo – Two Of Cups

November is bringing romance to the Leos in all its shapes and forms. Complicated relationships can be a little confusing during the next week. Emotional connections are heightened, but they could fade away without further explanation so be wary of it. Enjoy the ride but do not make long-term plans just yet! For the Leos in a relationship, a smooth and loving month is ahead. It is time to seek harmony and bond with your partner.

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Virgo – Ten Of Wands

Be cautious and do not let external problems affect your relationship! If you have been stressed out and you feel like you need a break, there’s no shame in taking your time. Grab a cup of coffee on your own after work and allow yourself to unwind before getting back home. Your relationship will thank you for it! If you’re single, it can be a difficult time for finding a partner. If you’re in a difficult relationship, be patient, this is not a month for progress in that aspect!

Libra – The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune suggests unexpected turnarounds in your love life. Those in complicated relationships will be in a roller-coaster and consistency will be nowhere to be found. Don’t take anything your love interest does too seriously. Relationships in crisis will find a way forward with a bit of mutual interest and those in a committed relationship may experience some adventure. November is likely to be a bit of a ride, but it will pass and soon things will go back to normal.

Scorpio – Ace Of Cups

Love is in the air! First of all, happy birthday to the Scorpios! This month is going to come filled with love opportunities. Keep an open heart, for someone you didn’t expect could end up getting some space in your heart or at least in your thoughts. The Ace of Cups is bringing progress to all sorts of relationships. It is a good moment to speak about your feelings and needs and soften up tense love situations.

Sagittarius – The Magician

Single Sagittarius may have their hands full with more than one romantic interest, but don’t be too greedy, for there will also be an increment in your duties in other areas of life. For those that are having an affair, be a bit extra cautious these days for there are chances that you may get caught if you are not discreet. Change your location or postpone a date if you feel it’s too risky, you will be glad you did! Those in a committed relationship may have little time to dedicate to their partners. Try to make it up with a date night!

Capricorn – Seven Of Swords

If you’ve been feeling suspicious about your partner’s activities it may be time to diver deeper into it. Be careful when trying to hide something from your partner, even if it’s innocent, it may end up bringing up trouble or looking inappropriate. It’s a good time to be upfront about your desires and seek honesty in your relationships. If you’re in a romantic crisis, accepting your part in the trouble could help you get back on tracks.

Aquarius – Four Of Cups

It can be a bit of a boring time for the Aquarius! November might be a bit uneventful, but it is a good moment to take some time for yourself and recharge your own batteries. If you are feeling bored in your relationship, do not make any drastic decision just yet and allow some more time to make up your mind. Complicated relationships will be finding some stability for better or for worse and they will show their true colors.

Pisces – Death

Great changes are coming for the Pisces! It can be a bit of a shaken time and you’re going to be facing some big decisions! Relationships will get to the next level and proposals can be expected, but also separations, particularly for those relationships that have been hanging from a fine thread lately. One thing is sure, whatever comes will be for the better and you’ll emerge victorious from any changes that the next weeks bring.

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