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Celebrate Your Unique Human Gifts

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Celebrate Yourself

As humans we all enter this world equally. It doesn’t matter how rich you parents are or how poor, you enter naked, defenseless and asking for help. Luckily for most of us, the first two of those things are cared for the moment we take our first breath. As for the third – asking for help – we seem to unfortunately grow out off it.

As we grow we are taught lessons, lessons to help us fit in with the human pack and allow us to function in society. This is when we learn to suppress things which others may feel are not in line with the norm of society as we know it. Somehow in doing this we also run the danger of creating the human cage. Bars made by attitude and built slowly over time, to keep us where society feels they need us to be and suppressing the real you.

If we take into account the millions of babies who are born every day all over the world. Each one of them is as individual as a snowflake. No two of us have the same genetic makeup unless we are identical twins, and even then a mother will be able to spot the subtle differences others might miss. Within our unique makeup is a complete and unique model of human being, capable of things that no other on this planet is capable of, because they are not you. As a unique being, you have to learn about yourself as much as you have to learn about others around you. Sometimes, it’s the most difficult times in your life will bring out the best in you because you start to see a side of yourself that has stayed hidden within until just this moment.

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Is our teaching somehow be in danger of smothering something in the human that would otherwise flourish and allow them to make their unique mark on this planet?

If you look at all the famous people throughout history, they were famous for one thing, they were different. But somehow they found the one thing within them that made them stick out and made other people wish that they were them. When faced with difficult situations, do you remember what you were taught to do? Or do you figure your own way around this particular situation which others may admire and use in the future? This is the unique you coming to the front. Unfortunately, we all too often rely far too much on other peoples ways of doing things, that we don’t trust ourselves enough to put our own foot forward and try a new way.

Some of the unhappiest people I have encountered in life are people who follow. Be it that they follow their peers or they follow their parents, but they follow because that is what they are told they have to do. Followers live someone else’s dream at the expenses of their own. Dreamers are rarely followers. But it’s the dreamers that set the best paths for those who follow. Look for example at Waltz Disney, a man who took his individuality and his dream, and created dreams for children for generations to come. Elvis Presley, was told it wasn’t right for him to dance and sing the way he did, but he created music that will be listened to for generations to come. Marilyn Monroe born to a single mother and she worked in a factory until someone spotted her unique spark and made her a legend.

These people were not born great, but they were born different, and even when the world said that it was not ready for their spark, they opened the door and let themselves shine and in doing so they made the world a better place. It doesn’t matter what your education level is, because you may not be good in the class room but you could light up a stage. It doesn’t matter if you are stuck in a nine to five boring job, because if you want to you can be anything you want. Opportunity stops only when they close the lid on your coffin, but up until that day life is your stage, so play your part well. Do not strive to be like others, strive to be yourself, individual, unique and here to write your own music. The human cage has bars made of attitudes. Once you realize that other people’s attitudes are there only to lock you in, then you can get your first taste of freedom. They have their own lives to live, don’t let them tell you how to live yours. Respect others, help others and in return you will receive help and respect on the way. Remember that no child is stupid or ugly, they are unique, and it’s their unique characters that you need to encourage, because they just have a different way of looking at things, find it and encourage it, and watch them flourish. The world is waiting on people who shine.

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  1. Thank you so much because this message came at a time when I really needed to hear it….I appreciate you.