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YouTube Star Marina Joyce sparks concern over weird behaviour.

youtube star marina joyce

YouTube Star Marina Joyce sparks concern over weird behaviour

YouTube Star Marina Joyce has sparked concerns with her fans due to her weird behaviour.  In part of a strange message, she said she wants to be known as Goddess Marina. She reckons she has found out stuff about the afterlife, which says that she can still contact humans during the afterlife. From there she will be able to help them with their problems on this side of life. She went on to talk about building a temple in Machu Pichu although she hasn’t decided where yet. I’m sure the locals will be delighted. She said she would like to be a God like Buddha and to be known as Goddess Marina.

I’m sure Marina Joyce means well, but it’s always a little scary when people start talking about themselves as Gods. She is not the only one who has an understanding of the afterlife and you do not need to be a God to connect with them. When you Passover, you can then help from the other side, even if you’re not a God. We are all energy beings on a flesh journey. No one better or bigger than the other. No one more powerful than the other.  Our energy comes from a source to where we must return when our flesh journey is over. Here we have to learn about happiness, sadness, pain, loss, love. All of the things that make us human, but the golden fleece of all, is empathy. Without empathy, none of the others have meaning or value.

We are all equal. The colour of our skin is irrelevant as is where you were born. When you come home you hang up your coat. Anyone seeing it will know it’s your coat because they have seen you wear it. When you leave this world, you leave your body behind, people will recognise it because they have seen you wear it. You are no longer there. It’s just the coat you wore for the journey. In spirit, all are equal. There is no need to call yourself a God if you want to do good. We just need to do good because we empathise with others because they are as we are. You are a sentient being and a vital part of a much greater universe than the human mind can ever understand. Enjoy the journey.


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