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Designer Line Zara Used Models Over 40 For Ad Campaign And Totally Missed The Point

Designer Line Zara Used Models Over 40 For Ad Campaign And Totally Missed The Point

Designer Line “ Zara ” Used Models Over 40 For Ad Campaign And Totally Missed The Point

What is it that makes “growing older” seem like a four-letter word in our American society? We worship beauty and youth as though sooner or later, someone will find a way to keep it. Unless mind transplants or full body replacement surgery becomes possible, we all grow old. Some were better than others but we still age. The inescapable should not be looked at as a horrible and ugly punishment of living life large and showing that wear and tear as trophies of that life. Like the old song of Elton John’s,” I’m Still Standing”! In fashion, age is mostly considered the death toll of a career. You are starting to see exception with older models being used but the one thing they all have in common is they are remarkably beautiful…not just beautiful but over the top gorgeous! So, it’s as though they make an allowance that they have wrinkles…but still are skinny as hell! Now the ugly part comes in. It seems aging is also equated with being butt ugly too.

Zara recently introduced its new Timeless clothing collection with ads featuring models over 40. (What does that mean?…over 41 or 42?) People were elated to see aging models included in the collection in the notoriously narrow world of fashion, but the positive messaging about aging was sadly overshadowed. That’s because Zara’s campaign confusingly highlights a statement that links growing older with getting “ugly.” Bad move!
The fast fashion retailer’s new line is fronted by models Kristina de Connick, 53, Malgosia Bela, 40 and Yasmin Warsam, 41, according to Pret-A-Porter. On both Instagram and Zara’s website, the three women give personal testimonials about various subjects, including aging.

In one testimonial, Bela delves into the subject of getting older, but uses some cringe-worthy language even as she says she likes the older version of herself. “I prefer myself so much better now than 10 years ago or 20 years ago. Obviously, it would be nice not to get old and ugly, but the mental process is only for the better,” she said. “So, it’s a paradox: more confidence and you are getting old. But it’s… I kind of like it.”
The company highlighted her statement in a pull quote on its website, next to her photo. Linking “old” to “ugly” only reinforces gender stereotypes about aging women and Zara’s unfortunate choice flies in the face of the fashion industry’s healthy progress. Models over 50 were represented more than ever during this Fashion Week. Allure magazine was praised for banning the term “anti-aging” in an effort to help embrace growing older as an opportunity and a blessing, rather than an undesirable horror that saps a woman’s beauty and worth. Sadly, such missteps are becoming routine for the Spanish brand. Back in March, Zara used thin models for a “love your curves” ad. Really?

Susan Z’s Conclusion:

Youth and beauty will always be worshipped as it is an all too fleeting moment in a long life. And when we are young, we don’t notice it until after its gone. As the old saying goes, “Youth is totally wasted on the young.” Lol!

Harmony and balance of a situation. There is a happy medium to the aging process but it must start with how aging was once respected and honored. Until that is restored, aging will be the big bad wolf at the door.

Knight of Pentacles: Inverted (Upside Down)
Solid honest male energy with integrity but can also be stubborn. Since the fashion business is showcased by women but financed by men, the financial bottom line is whatever is hot at the moment and sells their line. Point for Zara, they are trying.

Two of Swords: Inverted
Stalemate and unable to make a decision. Since inverted, I feel it represents that aging will always be seen as something we would all like to avoid but we could become much more accepting of what older beauty really is as we become used to seeing it visually represented in a beautiful way.

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