Tarot cards can reveal our deepest secrets and wishes and can also help us develop greater self-awareness. Our lives can follow many different directions - a Tarot Reading can help guide you to the path of success.

What can a Tarot Reading do for you?

  • Offer a reflection on your present, your past and your potential future
  • Bring clarity to your thoughts that will empower and relax you
  • Help you focus on and enhance love, career or relationships
  • Give solace and comfort during difficult emotional times
  • Provide insights that broaden your choices and help you make better life decisions
  • Help you get in touch with your intuition and use your untapped spiritual power

Why 7th Sense?

  • We’ve been around for over 15 years providing a permium psychic service
  • We give you access to over 200 of the world’s most gifted psychics
  • We are the best value psychic phone line – only 75 cents/min
  • We allow you to listen back to your psychic readings anytime
  • We have a customer service team dedicated to making your Tarot Reading the best you’ve ever had

What cards do our Tarot Readers use?

Our Tarot readers use a large variety of cards, some unique to the individual reader. Our most popular choice of tarot cards from callers is the Ryder Waite Tarot deck.

We also use Fairy Cards, Dolphin Cards and many more. Feel free to request specific tarot decks.

The history behind Tarot

The tradition of Tarot readings goes back thousands of years. Each tarot card has an image, a name and a number, all of which have specific meanings.

Tarot readings allow an interpretation of the rhythms or patterns at work in every aspect of our lives.

Meet some of our Tarot Card Readers

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Psychic Brian Monk

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