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The Crown Chakra – The Jewel Sahasrara


The Grand Queen of All Chakras

Previously we have covered the six “lower” chakras of the body; the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat & Third Eye Chakras. Now we will look at the final one, the Crown Chakra.

The seventh chakra is the grand queen of all the chakras, connecting our living and spiritual essence on the “chakra ladder” from the Root Chakra that grounds us to our Earth experience and then progresses upward to the divine and universal connection of the Crown Sahasrara.

This chakra is located at the very top point of the head and is imperative to be open to have psychic gifts, awareness and to experience unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level.

The colors that represent this chakra are pure white and violet and the gemstones are Quartz Crystal or Diamond.

According to Tantric philosophy, the seventh chakra is both a receiver and giver of energy and consciousness. It receives energy to sustain life and it gives back the personal energy to unite you with the collective pool of consciousness.

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and everything. There is no intellectual explanation of what the 7th chakra is at this high level but if open, you have the capability to enjoy life in a serene, joyous and peaceful manner.

It is the meeting point between finite (the body and the ego) and infinite (the universe and soul). If kept open and balanced, you have a sense of knowing there is a deeper meaning of life and a synchronistic order that underlies all of existence and your life experiences.

Higher State of Awareness

It is only through the Crown Chakra that you can reach that higher state of awareness. Sahasrara can lead you beyond materialism to the true nature of life which is abundant in joy, purpose and curiosity.

The guidance to opening the 7th Chakra always begins outside yourself but during this process you start finding your inner direction of balance and harmony. What then becomes non-existent, is needing something or someone to make you happy or feel of worth.

You flow with the knowing that you’er ok, even more than that, you are absolutely fabulous, flaws and all and right where you are supposed to be.

In order to reach this knowing state of mind, some serious conversations will be had with your ego in order to shut it up! According to the ego, you are broken and need to be fixed, constantly and forever! That is the religious concept that we are born in sin and must somehow find a way to be redeemed for that sin.

An Unbalanced Crown Chakra

If your Crown Chakra is unbalanced or worse yet, completely closed, you constantly feel a sense a loss, meaning and identity. Whatever is in front of you or in your life at the moment is the value of you and you do not have the ability, faith, trust or knowingness to see beyond the limited viewpoint of what your existence really means.

That imbalance makes your road in life harder and bumpier, lacking focus and direction. You’ll experience boredom, frustration and a lack of joy that may result in migraines, melancholy, senility and loss of self.

If you are unable to find a moment of peace about yourself, your life situation or just life in general, the odds are your Crown Chakra may be unbalanced or closed. Sahasrara is the bridge to the cosmos and through it you can reach a higher potential of knowing who you really are.

When this happens, you make small the meaningless day to day stuff and start grasping the big picture of who you really are in this virtual reality game called life.

Ways to balance your Crown Chakra

1. Connect within through yoga, meditation.
2. Start reading and listening to spiritual books or affirmations.
3. Use aromatherapy oils such as jasmine, lavender and armoise.
4. Write down your dreams and manifesting.
5. Carry a white or violet gemstone.
6. Take a walk in nature
7. Listen to inspirational music or healing sounds.
5. Use a pendulum to open and clear your Crown Chakra (or all of them) If the pendulum moves clockwise, then your chakra is open and well-balanced. If the pendulum moves counter-clockwise, there may be blocked energy or negative experiences with feelings relating to that chakra. Hold the pendulum over your hand and begin intentionally circling clockwise, focusing on your Crown Chakra until it stops. This is one simple way to open your 7th Chakra but there are many books available to teach you how to clear all your Chakras. If you are fortunate enough to know a healer who balances Chakras, then do that.

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