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Your First Awakening Soul Window

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Introduction to Soul Windows

What exactly is a Soul Window? It is a spiritual window of communication to the soul from your higher self and answers the questions of, “Why is this happening to me at this time in my life?” There is a pattern how the windows open at certain points in your life, prompting growth and change. As baby boomers are hitting the most challenging Soul Window of Chiron Return (mid-life redo and reset) and the younger generation is experiencing an acceptance of instant karma, all old paradigms of beliefs and foundations are crumbling.

These Soul Windows allow you to make that connection with your divine self or the watcher, for the pep talk and a new game plan for the years ahead on this incarnation. Like a divine life coach calling you to the sidelines and giving the next plays on your life journey. They allow you the opportunity to experience what you came here to do, find your “Muchness” and to let your “God Sparkle” shine through all the crazy twists and turns of your life journey! The information shared in these articles are from my book Soul Windows…Secrets From The Divine

Your First Awakening Soul Window

When we think of our how we have lived our life, we usually think of it in terms of life cycles. Being an infant, a toddler, a child, pre-teen, teenager, young adult, adult, middle age, older and then finally elderly. It is obvious that our emotions, mental thought processes and body was designed to evolve and have an end game, regardless of how it plays out.

Soul Windows are that perfectly balanced divine communication system to guide and coach you through that life journey. They are the tools of the divine self that shake up all the emotional belief systems you designed to help create a karmic release and separation from Oneness.

You will accept a belief and go along with dysfunctional ideas created by tribal, family or environmental conditions and then you hit a certain age and something does not sit well with you anymore.

The usual comments depending on what Soul Window we are talking about is “No, I do not want to do that anymore, I am unhappy and do not know why or I just cannot take this anymore.” Your personal beliefs attract and create your physical reality.

If taught as a child that love always comes with the conditions of being hurt and disappointed, then all your life interactions are based on those beliefs. You would repeatedly create relationships that would support that concept of love because it is all you know. Even though it may bring you hurt and unhappiness time and time again, the comfort level of familiarity and the fear of the unknown keeps you in the loop. Your identity is wrapped completely around that belief system.

It is not an authentic truth, but it is your truth and more than likely your family, tribal or even religious truths. Somewhere on your life journey, your divine self will set it up to question your loyalty to those beliefs through those Soul Windows. You are not going to change any dysfunctional belief unless you can convince your sub-conscious (Inner Child emotions) there is something better to replace it. Here is the definition of your 1st Soul Window Awakening and how it sets you on your path to fulfilling your journey from my book Soul Windows..Secrets From The Divine.

Common Sense Spirituality

Maybe the approach to understanding why we do what we do should be called: “Common Sense Spirituality”. Considering the over the top mystical approach to healing is usually what keeps people from grasping the concept that in the end, it is all YOU. No angels, no mystical beings, no punishing or rewarding God, (they always like the part of a non-punishing God but are never thrilled with the idea of a God who does not reward for good behavior) no heaven to reach or hell to be afraid of.

This life is just your beautiful soul having a wonderful adventure from a script that you wrote. I am not saying angels and all our wonderful light beings are not there to help, they are just all a reflection of you and your beliefs. One of my favorite sayings to get that point across is, “If you wrote the script for your life, then I would guess you can rewrite it”. Soul Windows open at important life markers, helping to see you have the power to make changes in your life script.

Your first scheduled life cycle signal goes off around 6 years of age and will last until around fourteen. It is a relatively minor Soul Window compared to others but it is where you begin to see a child start forming a definitive personality, wanting to do things their own way, express themselves differently and have definite opinions of what they like and do not like.

It is where the child comes into the age of reasoning, making the first decisions based on what was written for their soul journey. You know the stances the young ones take:” I can do it myself, don’t touch me, and leave me alone”. They start becoming very independent thinkers.

Lasting Imprint

This scheduled life cycle signal begins to take form as a new soul identity. The soul discovers it now once again has a life that belongs only to them. The important thing always to remember is the soul chose their birth situation.

Whatever emotions you are exposed to from the ages of 4 to 7 years of age will determine the belief system you will carry for the rest of your life. Whatever feeling definitions given to you for love, value, worth, judgment, and conditional behavior will shape all of your adult choices and sets the stage for addressing the soul’s issues.

At this age, your parents are the closest thing to a God definition you will ever identify within its purest form. You will love them unconditionally. You carry these feeling definitions without question at the beginning of this Soul Window.

A child does not have the ability to discern how to make loving and moral choices before the age of seven, so if they see abusive behavior by you, that will be ok for them too because you do it. When the first Soul Window opens and before the opportunity to make life choices, the child will be like a sponge.

The child will be whatever they are shown to be, told to be or in whatever manner they are treated, regardless of whether it is seemingly bad or good. If you were taught as a child, you had no value or were worthless, you would have naturally assumed there was something lacking in you.

If you were abused a child, you will think you did something to deserve it. The child feels every emotion, action and behavior in black or white terms. They are without the adult gray area of reason surrounding an action. In their innocence, they are incapable of blaming someone else for their misfortune.

This life cycle creates the belief foundations for the Inner Child’s guidance system of all your emotions and a subconscious program that will control responses for the rest of your life unless consciously changed. The first Soul Window begins to challenge these beliefs and will stay in place from approximately seven years to about 13 or 14 years of age. It is an age of emotional exploration and moves the child farther and farther away from maternal or paternal tethering.

This is the Soul Window when your higher self is communication to the soul on a constant basis, helping them to remember why they chose this life path. More or less, a spiritual cheerleader. We will go to the second Soul Window in the next article, which is your teenage and young adult years. You know, the smart ass years!

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  1. Very interesting, makes sense to me. Quite accurate as well, I know this because you have decribed my journey to a “T”..
    I am 51 presently, I seemed to have been “pushed” at age 50 and my whole way of thinking suddenly makes perfect sense. I am excited and eager to finish my divine purpose, I am a fantastic author and wouldn’t have change a thing.

    1. Deborah,
      Glad you related to the article. There are 5 more Soul Window articles following. You will find the 6th Soul Window article on Chiron Return very interesting in your life phase.
      Susan Z