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Recognizing a Love From a Past Life

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Recognizing A Past Life Love

When we accept the reality that nothing is lost in your personal universe with everything you’ve done, said, thought or felt remains with you from life to life, it is not a far reach to accept that possibly you are going to run into a past love in your present incarnation. Sometimes when you meet a new potential love, you just have the strong feeling like you have been friends forever and are very comfortable with each other. In other situations, where unmet resolution is still being addressed, they may be your mate from hell. Regardless, you have history. Sometimes long and hard history that you are working on but you can be sure that the important people in your life you’ve met before.

When you get the “feeling” of familiarity with someone and just can’t quite figure out why or have a sister, brother, friend or lover who just feels like you have been close forever and then of course the people that you want to choke the minute you meet them, rest assured you have done both.

So, what are the signs that give you an indication that your relationship might be karmic? Since some meetings are just a casual brush up against your life as a roommate or can be a deep and intense relationship that face plants you on the sidewalk, it is hard to pin point all the signs as they vary in such degree. We all travel in soul family clusters, helping one another achieve the life experiences we want in an incarnation. Below are some general indications that a person may be a recent karmic past life love. The reason I use the word recent, is that it is usually that love relationship has come to support you in your journey or both of you have agreed you will help learn lessons of self-love. Either way, you recognize each other on an energetic soul level.

  1. You instantly get along. You start talking and you just can’t seem to stop. They GET you and you get them.
  2. Instant dislike. You have really tried to give the person a chance and they may be a great guy but just something about them makes you not want to get close to them.
  3. You get butterflies in your stomach. Your stomach won’t settle when you’re around this person and an underlying stress won’t allow you to relax. You’re always on edge, maybe trying too hard to please, maybe unconsciously awaiting some bad turn of events.
  4. You have exactly the same shared tastes. You both love the same food, the same foreign culture, the same hobby or pastime.
  5. They are really easy to be around. You finish each other’s sentences, laugh at the same jokes and seem to get things done quicker as a team. This valuable sense of knowing has been developed over many lives of practice. Cherish it, no matter how briefly or long they are part of your life.
  6. Unreasonable anger or judgement directed toward you. Nothing ever seems to be easy or agreeable between both of you. You can never make them happy and they seem to act as if you owe them something. You bicker over the smallest things, make up and then at it again. This is a sign of unfinished love business.
  7. Guilt. Somehow, they always know how to manipulate you with guilt. You have this gut feeling that you owe them, even if it is not in your conscious awareness. You are always looking out for them and overcompensating for something invisible in your present life. This is also karmic unfinished business.
  8. Having a sense of fear within their presence. Your conscious memory may not be able to put your finger on it but respect it. Past-life events, if not recognized and resolved, often repeat. If your gut tells you to run, do it, even if your fear seems wildly unreasonable in the present lifetime.
  9. Flashbacks. You might suddenly have a moment with a person that you remember your past lives together. If you are aware and alert to the possibility, trust what you are seeing and feeling. That little glimpse may answer many questions why you are attracted to this person or help resolve an issue.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

Since our soul family stays in clusters through incarnations and gender may change with each one, it is inevitable that you will have partners that have once been your brother, sister, mother, father, hated uncle, beloved grandmother, etc. Our souls look at reincarnation like taking a life coat off and putting another one on. No biggy, just a new game board. But once the dimensional veil drops, we forget about those past relationships. It is a good thing we don’t remember, as we would surely go insane. We carry enough baggage in one life’s memory to make us crazy enough. If curious, a good past life regressionist or past life reader may help with some unanswered questions.

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