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The Courage to Change Yourself

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The Courage to Change Yourself

When is he/she going to change? How can I make my boyfriend marry me? Is there a way to get my child to stop using drugs? These are the types of questions that are asked of psychic advisers from their clients, which each psychic will receive unique messages for their client.

Although, one main fact is you cannot change another person; nevertheless, your words and actions will cause a positive or negative effect on someone.

To answer the three questions above I say: They will change, marry you, or quit abusing substances when they are ready to.

Pestering, begging, or tears could cause more conflict within the relationship of the person you desire to change. Here’s a question to ponder – how do you feel when someone is imposing upon you how to behave or become different? Why would you expect others to alter themselves?

Go Within Yourself

Instead of forcing unwanted change into another, focusing on changing your behavior, attitude, and acceptance of where the other person is currently at. I know easier said, than done.

The next time you desire somebody else to change, go within and ask yourself:

  • Why can’t I accept this situation?
  • How can I cultivate unconditional love for this person?
  • Am I better off with or without this relationship?
  • What do I need to do to stop enabling my child’s behavior?
  • Do I need to establish boundaries?
  • What can I do to bring peace into my life today?

By taking the focus off of another person, while having the courage to change yourself, your outer world will transform over time.
Now, let’s switch over to how you can begin creating modifications within your own life.

Connection with a Higher Source

Establishing a connection with a Higher Source (God, Goddess, angels, or whatever you choose to call it) enables you to trust in the moment, while turning over your problems to a Higher Source. To help change yourself, a great tool to use is a journal, whether it’s a pen and paper, laptop, or smartphone.

Your journal aids you to blurt out your thoughts and feelings; however, be careful not to wallow in them. Rather, use the journal as a way of letting go of your internal negativity, then replace it with positive thoughts.

Speaking of change, what a great time it is to finally start new activities you always secretly desire to do, with 2018 right away the corner! You could: write that book, eat healthier, go to the gym, find a new job, start a new business, or enroll in a university.

Okay, here come the excuses: I can’t change because I’m too old, out of shape, or not smart enough. In other words, you’re too lazy or afraid of failure.

Please remember that change doesn’t occur overnight, instead enjoy the journey to reach the destination of your goal. For example, when I first began yoga I couldn’t touch my toes, instead I could only reach my mid calves. Over two years later, I’m doing poses I could only dream about in the beginning.

You can change and accomplish new things as long as you allow the time, daily strivings, and patience to do so. Take the first baby step…

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