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The Karmic Laws Of Reincarnation


The Karmic Laws Of Reincarnation

The phrase “past life connection” has come up countless times in readings or counseling sessions, that it has quite possibly become overused. Oh, it is there alright but the infinite possibilities of what those Karmic past life connections are can be mind boggling sometimes.

The basic concept of reincarnation is the continuing experience and learning self-love through the eyes of the Creator. We keep on returning within our soul family, helping one another learn this lesson until as the great prophets predict that we will ALL get it right one day and ascend and not have to do the physical form again unless we choose to.

The acceptance of Karmic reincarnation is embraced as a belief in Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Metaphysics.

So, what exactly is Karma? According to the experts, Karma is a Sanskrit word from the root “Kri” to do or to make and simply means “action.”

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It operates in the universe as the continuous chain reaction of cause and effect. It is not only confined to connection in the physical sense but also has moral implications. “A good cause, a good effect; a bad cause a bad effect” is a common saying. In this sense Karma is a moral law.

We as human beings are constantly giving off physical and spiritual forces in all directions. No energy is ever lost; it only changes form. Man is both the sender and receiver of all these influences. The entire circumstances surrounding your life is your Karma.

The 10 Laws of Reincarnation

It turns out that reincarnation has Karmic laws that we all of must abide by when we choose another life to address whatever our soul is trying to bring into balance. Below is a short synopsis of the Karmic laws that reincarnation must abide by.

  1. Law of Continuation: Karma is the great teacher of what is like and not like love. Reincarnation over many lifetimes is required by Karma for you to master this life lesson in its totality.
  2. Law of Expanse: You get taught love through experiencing life from every point of view. “What you bring hate into, you reincarnate into!” Each individual must experience both genders, all races, all nationalities, all religions, well/ill, rich/poor, success/failure, etc. This allows you to see the beauty, value and worthiness of all ways of life.
  3. Law of Consequence: Action also teaches us about love. You learn by experiencing cause and effect by interacting with a community of other individuals that you constantly reincarnate with who assume different roles in each new life. Your soul group helps to teach you what is love and not love through the resolution of interwoven past life Karma.
  4. Law of Compensation: You learn responsibility with lessons of what you have done to others in the past, will be done back to you in the future. You will continue to reincarnate with those significant others until you have paid off your Karmic debts to them.
  5. Law of Completion: We get tough assignments of adversity. Everyone must experience the worst of life to better appreciate the best of it.
  6. Law of Creation: You use your physical body to manifest the abundance sufficient to provide for its’ material needs. As you age, the challenges continue as you must learn to provide for others as well as your own retirement.
  7. Law of Command: Your mind learns the discipline of daily duties, good judgment, as well as the detachment of expectations to become truly resourceful in life. These are very complex learnings that can only be mastered over many cycles of reincarnation.
  8. Law of Control: Through your emotions, you learn how to master energy in motion caused by the actions of others as well as your reactions to them. Karma helps you to learn calmness, control, and compassion needed to become truly resourceful in life.
  9. Law of Certainty: You are a work in progress. In one life, you will focus on developing your intellectual abilities while in another you will work on your emotional control. When you can reliably be counted on to act in loving way no matter what life brings to you, the certainty of your choices accelerates your Karma and brings you closer to the end of your cycle of reincarnation.
  10. Law of Compassion: Karma is designed to teach you unconditional love by helping you to develop compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness. You have learned deep compassion when you can care for others with the same deep kindness as you care for yourself.

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Susan Z’s Verdict

The Universe works on checks and balances and I believe that is what Karmic reincarnation is part of. Somehow, we forgot that we are part of a creative energy of the highest and purest form of unconditional love, known as the Creator. Reincarnation is the way back to that knowingness.

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